Online Yoga and Mindfulness in the workplace

According to 2020, every corporate company is looking for employee wellbeing to increase their productivity. At the same time, many companies are integrating Yoga and mindfulness at the Workplace. Yoga and mindfulness can improve both mental and physical health of an employee. Such companies like Google, Apple, IBM, and NASA are already investing in yoga and meditation classes for their staff.

Our online Yoga programs give your employees easy access to yoga tutorials and classes from anywhere, right from a smart device. Your staff can also watch simple yoga videos from our online yoga health App. We can even create a bespoke class just for your business.

Medintu Yoga Online classes can help you feel….



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Mindfulness sleep

Mindfulness sleep

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Why Choose Medintu for Corporate Online Yoga?

Medintu Take special care towards your staff and make them get involved in our online Yoga activities. We also provide video classes through online health App with our Specialist at your Workplace.

We also work hard to include everyone. We engage your staff with emails, posters, self-assessment surveys, and satisfaction questionnaires, all automated through the Medintu app.

Our yoga instructors are highly experienced, especially in workplace yoga. And we provide you with a Certificate of Insurance for your program as needed.

Yoga in workplace

There are three ways your staff can participate in our programs.

  1. Watch online tutorials and best practice tips. These videos range from simple 5-minute exercises anyone can do at work, through to 60-minute classes for a variety of levels from beginner to advanced.
  2. Take part in a live class. We stream regular yoga classes across the UK so if someone wants to dip into a course anywhere in the UK book online.
  3. Create a bespoke class for your staff, delivered online at a time convenient for you. Perfect for pre-work energizers or lunchtime pick me ups.

Benefits of online yoga for sleep and mindfulness

Practising Yoga regularly is linked to better sleep, mobility and flexibility as well as a host of physical and emotional benefits. Even a short yoga programme has positive effects on both mind and body.

  • Focus on the feelings of evident mindedness composure and confidence.
  • Develop the levels of satisfaction and happiness.
  • Enhances emotional wellbeing and resilience to stress in the Workplace.
  • Increases flexibility, muscle tone and strength
  • Improves circulation and cardio health
  • Leads to better sleep and increased energy levels

All of these benefits have a significant impact on productivity and engagement. Your employees are better able to manage stress, anxiety and physical health which reduces absenteeism and sickness. And greater mindfulness improves clarity, focus and creativity improving productivity.

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