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and accredited specialists

We are a preventive healthcare organisation. Our mission is to empower researchers, physicians and healthcare providers to improve patient care by providing critical information anytime, anywhere. We focus on preventative care and early intervention, which is why we offer a holistic range of health services. 

We rely on our Medintu Partnership Network of qualified, accredited healthcare providers to help us fulfil our mission.

Personalised healthcare at the touch of a button

healthcare at the
touch of a button

Our app-based health and wellbeing solution provides people with a complete picture of their health, through comprehensive online assessments, testing and consultations. We at medintu allows us to create a wellbeing journey for each user, tailored to their needs, &
connects them with a diverse network of specialists who can support their health journey. 

A global opportunity

Partner with us to be at the forefront of next-generation Digital Healthcare. You will be with us everywhere we go – nationally or internationally. As we gain more members, your network of potential clients grows too. With digital delivery, your specialist services can be accessed by anyone, anywhere across the world.

Access clients who need your specialist help

Access clients who
need your specialist

We’ll connect you with new clients who are in direct need of your services. Our online platform makes it easy for our users to access your help on a short-term or long-term basis. 

How it works

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comprehensive vetting

We conduct a comprehensive vetting and aproval process to ensure you are a good fit

specialist health directory

Once approved you will be added to our specialist health directory

A user will contact you through the app

A user will contact you through the app or be refered through a

virtual 1st time consultation

Our specialists offer a free virtual 1st time consultation and agree a programme of support