Why online nutrition coaching

It’s fair to say that many of us have a strained relationship with food. Nutrition is beset by conflicting and misleading advice and notions of good and bad food. All of which can lead people to become confused, struggling to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Nutrition coaching is not about dieting, though our programmes do cover this too. It is about eating foods beneficial for your heart, energy, performance, hydration, mental health, and sleep. It is about helping you create life-long eating habits for overall wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on providing the latest, evidence-based nutritional information. We aim to dispel common nutrition myths and misleading fads that can threaten your wellbeing.

Whether overweight, underweight, at risk of a health condition or a fitness fanatic we can help you access the right information and support to meet your health goals.

Online Corporate Nutritionist at your Workplace

we are living longer. The right diet, along with physical activity, can help ensure you live these additional years independently and free of long-term conditions.

But, eating well is not just beneficial for long-term health. It has a significant impact on productivity and wellbeing at work. The right foods can boost energy levels, improve sleep and concentration, and keep our immune system healthy, helping to reduce absenteeism.

And food directly affects cognitive performance. Omega 3 fats boost brain power, eating regularly improves decision making, berries improve long-term memory and green leafy vegetables improve learning capacity.

That’s why forward-thinking businesses are increasingly incorporating nutrition into their wellness programs.

Nutritionist FOOD

Our nutrition program can help support a healthier more productive

Stress, anxiety, and depression is a growing problem in UK workplaces. These issues accounted for a staggering 57% of all working days lost due to ill health in 2017/2018 And it is getting worse, not better. Stress-related absences are on the increase, according to the CIPD. For employers poor mental health not only impacts absence levels it directly impacts performance and productivity.

Our nutrition program can help support a healthier more productive Workforce in the following ways:

Build awareness of healthy foods and the benefits of good nutrition.

  • Provide recipe ideas for multiple dietary goals.
  • Engage and encourage your staff with healthy eating campaigns.
  • Provide 1-on-1 nutrition coaching with bespoke dietary plans, advice, and motivational support.

Corporate nutrition programmes can help lower absence levels, improve productivity and build a healthier, happier workforce.

Benefits of using our online nutritionist App

Our nutrition coaches provide up-to-date, evidence-based information based on your specific goals, lifestyle, and level of health. Just like a fitness coach they will support you with your journey, helping you find a new relationship with food and develop long-term healthy eating habits.

A highly skilled nutrition coach is an invaluable resource. If you are looking to make real changes in your life then this is an investment that will reap benefits well into the long run.

Helping you to start

Helping you to start

Starting is often the hardest part. Your nutritionist will help you understand what can stand in your way and support you to take that all-important first step. She will develop a plan based on your needs, lifestyle, and goals and help you develop the right mindset to get and keep going.

Lifestyle solutions

Lifestyle solutions

Dietary support often focuses on calories and weight. But long term health is about much more than this. Your nutritionist will help you assess all areas of your life to create a set of strategies for your overall wellbeing. Food is intricately linked with your environment, lifestyle, mental and physical health so, you will find benefits for many aspects of your life, not just what you eat.

Motivation and accountability

Motivation and accountability

Success is more likely when someone holds you accountable and supports you along the way. And this is especially the case when changing eating habits. Our coaches offer daily or weekly check-ins, review food diaries and are available for questions, advice, and support when you need it. Your coach is there to provide encouragement and celebrate success as well as helping you overcome the inevitable challenges.

 Access to the right

Access to the right

There is a lot of nutritional advice out there. Every day there is another study on what to eat and not eat so, finding the right information for your needs can be tricky. Our coaches are qualified and regulated by ??? so that they provide the latest evidence-based guidance. And it’s not just about giving you the latest advice. You will understand how to incorporate it into your life so, that you can sustain changes in the long-term