Take charge of your health - for a happier, healthier you.

Prioritising health and wellbeing in the modern working world is hard. Time is often against us and it can be difficult to get in touch with the right specialist. Even if you’ve managed to find the time to see a healthcare provider, it’s not always easy to see the bigger picture of how you’re doing.

Medintu was born out of a desire to give people better access to healthcare and a more personalised approach to their wellbeing. Our key vision is to help you live a better, healthier life in the busy working world.

Corporate Wellbeing Programme

Private Medical Tests

If your company has signed up to Medintu, you’ll have exclusive access to a wide range of information, resources and services:

Personal wellbeing journey

Signing up to Medintu also puts you in touch with an extensive library of resources, how-to articles and other information. You can access it through the Medintu app or online at our website.

Resources and information

We are always there for you. You’ll have 24-7 access to our resources and services through a dedicated app. We will also provide you with referrals to the right specialists, cutting through red tape and decreasing waiting times.

Webinars and events

As part of the Medintu platform, we put on specialist events - both online and at workplaces throughout the country. These are entirely free for you to attend - meaning you can stay up-to-date with the latest research and information.

Digital wellbeing profile

Throughout your engagement with Medintu, we build a personal digital profile for you. Only you and the professionals you choose can access this. Your test results, files and personal information are accessible to you at any time through the app, and completely within your control. Your profile takes into account a range of factors that contribute to wellbeing such as medical issues, mental health, lifestyle, diet and exercise, mindfulness, sleep management and financial wellbeing, to give you complete insight into yourself.

One-to-one digital consultations

Guided by your personal wellbeing counsellor, you can access a wide range of specialist one-to-one advice through the Medintu app. Based on your employer’s plan, you will have a number of free expert consultations a year, where you’ll be able to access everything from medical assessments to financial advice. These will be accessible to you via the app, at your convenience.

How It Works

Medintu wellbeing program consists of 4 stages.


When your company signs up with Medintu, we’ll open a personal account that gives you access to the wide range of benefits available on the Medintu platform.


Our team comes to your workplace for your initial health assessment. As soon as the results come in, you’ll receive a notification on the app. Your digital health profile is available online and through the app at any time.


We create a wellbeing journey tailored for you, overseen by your personal wellbeing counsellor. This may include further consultations if we identify any underlying health and wellbeing issues.

You access any expertise you need through the app. Throughout the year, we will put you in touch with the right information, resources and one-to-one advice you need to live a better, healthier life.

For more information on how to our services as a private individual, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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