Working with a diverse network of approved and accredited specialists we can offer the most comprehensive Holistic health support in one place. 



Early detection is key to prevention.  Heart attacks and strokes are responsible for 25% of premature deaths and reseachers estimate that up to 80% of them could be prevented with early diagnosis and maintaining health habits. 

Around 7 million people in the UK have undiagnosed high blood pressure, a leading risk factor for stroke and heart disease, according to The British Heart Foundation. Improved detection and treatment could prevent between 14,500 strokes and 9,710 heart attacks in England over the next three years.

Health assessments are designed to look for risk factors or early signs of diseases – the two most common being heart disease or cancer. 


Over the past 3 years we have undertaken 3 million+ health tests resulting in 80 critical surgeries and 26 lives saved due to immediate treatment of serious underlying health conditions. 

As a result of our health checks  our users have improved their lifestyle, increased physical activity and changed diet.

Our health assessments 

  Assessments delivered on premise
  Up to 64 tests dependent on package
  Results reviewed by a qualified GP
  Fitness, diet and health coaching support for up to 12 months

mental health


Stress, anxiety and depression is a growing problem in UK workplaces. In 2017/18 these issues accounted for a staggering 57% of all working days lost due to ill health [HSE]. And things are getting worse not better. Stress related absences have increased by nearly 37% in the past 12 months according to the CIPD.   

The cost of poor mental health in the workplace is estimated to be between £33bn-£42bn for businesses as a whole, equating to a cost of between £497 and £2564 per employee [Deloitte]  

Early diagnosis and intervention along with timely referrals to the right specialists can have a significant and life-changing effect for a person’s mental health.

Online Mental Health Support

Our online mental health app provides employees confidential and appropriate support if they’re having difficulties inside or outside the workplace.

  A health coach
  Free tips and helpful resources tailored to their needs
  A full mental health self-assessment
  Access to a wide range of specialist support services from mental health to debt management.

It allows your staff to get the right support quickly, even if they don’t speak to you about it.

mental health support

Almost any problem that stands between you and the goals, priorities, and commitments of your life may be improved with the right advice and support.

With an estimated 75% of ill-health related productivity loss being preventable, you are in a unique position as an employer to put programmes and strategies in place to help your employees become healthier, happier and more productive at work. While not a complete list, below are the most common problems and challenges that often motivate people to seek out the services of a professional counsellor.

Holistic approch
MNCS Accred


Whilst everyone’s needs are different a trainer will allow you to achieve the results that you cannot achieve on your own.

Our specialist trainers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide you personalised programmes that suit your ability, needs and aspirations.

We offer an extensive range of diet and fitness programmes which can help you create healthier more productive emloyees. Your staff can access online workouts, recipes and advice through the Medintu app as well as receiving monthly health campaigns through your business.

And those wanting one to one support can work with a specialist diet and fitness coach to achieve their aims.

Nutrition & Diet

Nutrition &

We are living longer. The right diet along with physical activity will ensure you live these additional years independently and relatively disease- and disability-free.

Healthy aging involves the interaction between genes, the environment, and lifestyle factors. But with all the conflicting advice out there it is easy to get confused.

We pride ourselves on providing accurate dietary information of the highest standard, in line with HCPC regulation. We aim to dispel common nutrition myths and misleading fads or products that can threaten personal wellbeing.

Let’s work together.

Putting you and your employees in control of the process is the best way to achieve long term health & wellbeing.

We like to start with a scoping meeting to discuss your needs, and how we can best tailor our service to achieve health across your company and aligned to business objectives. Once enrolled, you’ll be given a dedicated programme manager, who will help you achieve your health and busness outcomes.