Covid 19 anitibody & pcr test kits stock avaiable

Where can I get a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Home testing kit?

Here at Medintu, we understand that, as lockdown restrictions are gradually lifting, many people will be feeling anxious at the thought of increasing their social interactions. After social distancing for many weeks, returning to the workplace or other public spaces is bound to make some of us feel a little nervous.

But while the Government has rightly prioritised frontline workers and individuals who are incredibly unwell for testing, home-testing kits are now available privately to put your mind at ease.

Our accredited tests are available for all UK residents and can confirm whether you have, or have had, Coronavirus (COVID-19). The tests report will be sent directly to your home or work address. They will include a postage-paid envelope so you can conveniently return your sample to the laboratory for testing by biomedical scientists.

Do I need a COVID-19 test?

As these tests are private and in no way impact the Government’s testing capacity
for priority patients and critical workers, you do not need to have symptoms of Coronavirus to warrant a private test.

It may be that you want to put your mind at rest because you are likely to be
interacting more with others? Or perhaps you are worried about risk factors relating
to previous travel or contact with somebody who may have had COVID-19.

Whatever your reason for wanting a test, you do not need to be exhibiting
Coronavirus symptoms to warrant it.

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Which Coronavirus test do I need?

Antibody test: 

which will confirm if you have already had Coronavirus by taking a blood
sample from a tiny pinprick in your finger, and the nasal/throat.

If you don’t have any symptoms or believe you may have had Coronavirus already, the antibody test will be most appropriate for you.

Swab test:  

which will confirm if you currently have Coronavirus. All equipment is available in your testing kit.

If you are currently exhibiting symptoms, the swab test will be the most appropriate. 

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

As stated on the NHS, the most common Coronavirus symptoms include:

  • A continuous cough
  • fever
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

However, some people infected with COVID-19 may have no symptoms at all. In this instance, they may still be able to pass the disease onto others.

How do I know these Coronavirus tests are safe and regulated?

As Medintu is an organisation registered with the  (CQC), we ensure that all our partner laboratories are also CQC registered, as well as being UKAS accredited. 

Furthermore, our partner laboratories are all Public Health England (PHE) approved and listed on the Capacity Data Site for NHS England. 

How do I use the tests?

The Tests can be taken by following a simple, 5-step process:

How do I use the tests?

Check our short video will explain everything you need to know – from what you get in your testing kit to how to obtain and return the sample. Please note, you will also receive step by step instructions in your testing kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen with my results?

You will receive your results as a PDF, which printed off onto a single sheet of paper. Your results will also be reported to PHE within 24 hours, meaning that all individual test results are included in the country’s national data as published by Government daily.

How long will it take to get my Coronavirus test results?

We estimate that results and will return in within 2-3 days of the laboratory receiving the sample. However, this is a guide only, and timings will be dependent upon demand.

Do the Coronavirus tests hurt?

The tests are not painful, although they may feel slightly uncomfortable. However, both types of tests take just seconds to administer so will be over in a flash!

Do I need a medical professional to administer the test?

No. All home-testing kits come complete with instructions and are simple and straightforward to use.

What are the antibodies?

When people get an infection, their immune systems make proteins called antibodies that help fight the disease. These proteins are only in your order during the late stages of the illness, and they may remain for months, or even years after recovery. 

How long does it take for a Coronavirus home-test kit to arrive?

Orders made before 6 pm will be processed the same day or the next business day at the very latest.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to use this service?

No, you do not require a doctor’s referral and special tests will not impact on the availability and capacity of government testing for priority individuals.

What happens if my COVID-19 test is positive?

As previously mentioned, your results fed into PHE’s national figures that are released to the public by the Government daily. However, if your test is positive, our patient services team will support you with advice and signposting for further help and information. As per the Government guidance, you will need to self-isolate to avoid spreading the infection. You should not attend a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. 

The NHS has further advice on COVID-19 that will help you decide what steps to take.

If my test is negative, does it mean I have never had Coronavirus?

A negative result in the antibody test means you have not previously had Coronavirus (COVID-19). Similarly, if the swab test comes back negative, it means you do not currently have Coronavirus. 

Tests are most accurate if taken within 21 days of infection.

Are Coronavirus home-testing kits suitable for children?

No. These tests are only suitable for adults aged 18+.