Exercises you can try to Stay Fit while Staying at Home

Now that all gyms are closed and movement restricted, you can quickly lose motivation and give up on your fitness routine. But it’s not that bad- you can still exercise to burn calories and keep fit from the comfort of your home. Yea, you may not be allowed to go outside for a jog or

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Smart Ways to Stay Productive during Lockdown

Now that the global pandemic has put you indoors to stay safe, what do you spend your time doing at home? You’ve probably completed all of NetFlix, while binge-eating, or maybe you spend the whole day looking at memes and chatting with friends. But you don’t have to waste all of your time at home

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5 habits for improved mental health at work

Mental fatigue is one of the significant challenges to our mental health in the modern world. The pace of business is accelerating; customers are more demanding; technology allows us to be connected 24/7. Busy is our new status symbol. Even when we are not actively working, we are filling our lives with activity Constantly on

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How to Support the Wellbeing of Employees on Furlough during Lockdown

Now that about 80% of UK workers are on Furlough and there is no formal end to the restriction on work and travel by the government, businesses need to take appropriate measures to look after the wellbeing of their employees. Being on furlough is unusual and many workers may start feeling worried and depressed, even

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How to Protect Your Mental Health While at home

You have a high tendency to feel overwhelmed due to the challenges and pressure of this uncertain period. So apart from eating veggies, fruits, and other healthy meals, it is essential to protect your mental health. It reason why the Action for Happiness is proposing the need for people to observe a “daily pause” during this

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10 Mindfulness Tips to Help You during Lockdown

It is not far-fetched that the spread of the coronavirus has caused a lot of panic about the nearest future. No doubt, the alarming number of infected people, the closing of business and offices, cancellation of conferences and travel plans, and many more devastating changes is enough to put one in crazy thoughts. There are

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Manage Your Finances during Lockdown

How to Manage Your Finances during Lockdown

You are likely to worry about so many things during this coronavirus pandemic- your health, your ability to grab toilet roll, the mental state of your loved ones, job security, as well as your finance. But apart from health safety, the next thing you want to consider is your investment during lockdown because the level

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How to Boost Your Immunity against Coronavirus during Lockdown

The spread of the coronavirus is a fatal experience with more than 8,000 cases in the UK already. There have been more than 350,000 cases recorded globally with about 20,000 deaths. The dreadful part is that there are many asymptomatic carriers, and there’s no cure for the virus currently. That’s why most nations are now

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