vegetables and fruits

How to Boost Your Immunity against Coronavirus during Lockdown

The spread of the coronavirus is a fatal experience with more than 8,000 cases in the UK already. There have been more than 350,000 cases recorded globally with about 20,000 ...

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Manage Your Finances during Lockdown

How to Manage Your Finances during Lockdown

You are likely to worry about so many things during this coronavirus pandemic- your health, your ability to grab toilet roll, the mental state of your loved ones, job security, ...

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10 Mindfulness Tips to Help You during Lockdown

It is not far-fetched that the spread of the coronavirus has caused a lot of panic about the nearest future. No doubt, the alarming number of infected people, the closing ...

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Man is working

How to Protect Your Mental Health While at home

You have a high tendency to feel overwhelmed due to the challenges and pressure of this uncertain period. So apart from eating veggies, fruits, and other healthy meals, it is ...

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Employees working

How to Support the Wellbeing of Employees on Furlough during Lockdown

Now that about 80% of UK workers are on Furlough and there is no formal end to the restriction on work and travel by the government, businesses need to take ...

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5 habits for improved mental health at work

Mental fatigue is one of the significant challenges to our mental health in the modern world. The pace of business is accelerating; customers are more demanding; technology allows us to ...

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