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Imagine if you could take action today to prevent long-term ill-health. What effect would you choose? Early intervention in managing health issues reduces the risk of life-threatening illness. But early intervention relies on understanding and tracking your health to take timely action before a medical condition occurs. It is what the Medintu App helps you to do.

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Learn about and easily track your health so you can take timely and consistent action to prevent ill health. Make your health checks medical records, wearable devices with our online assessments, recommendations and personalised content.   

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The long term health is dependent on your environment, lifestyle, personal circumstances, work challenges, support network, financial situation and ability to manage medical issues on time. Most people only focus on one area in isolation. Medintu allows a holistic approach.

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We know privacy is paramount to you. That’s why the only person who can view your data is you or anyone you choose to share your data.
If you are using this App as part of an employer health programme, your information is still 100% protected. Your employer can only view aggregated data for your company as a whole.

Health & Lifestyle Self-Assessments

Health & Lifestyle

Our intuitive, simple self-assessments allow you to get an overview of your health and importantly learn about the factors contributing to your current and future health status. You choose which assessments you take. We provide recommendations based on those assessments.

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You can access a wide range of specialist one-to-one virtual consultations through the Medintu app. It's easy to schedule appointments at your convenience either through your employer's subscription or book online yourself.

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Medintu can help pinpoint causal factors and personalise interventions to the individual. Based on the data gathered, the digital platform can highlight a persons’ likelihood in developing chronic conditions such as diabetes, lung, heart and liver disease.

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Over time your app gets to know you based on the content you consume and your health profile. This allows you to see and digest the content most relevant to your personal health journey.

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