A Simple Mission

Medintu was born out of a desire to give people better access to healthcare and a more personalised approach to their
wellbeing. Our key vision is to help people live a better, healthier life in the busy working world.

We have created a joined-up system of patients, doctors, consultants and medical facilities that can stop people falling
through the cracks.

Joined-UP Health: A Key Challenge
For The UK

The UK has the largest amount of patient data available in the world, dating back to the founding of the NHS over 70 years ago. But until now patients have not been fully involved in owning their medical history. With pressures on healthcare, people are starting to take more control of their healthcare. And are finding themselves with more choices about how to manage their wellbeing.

One of the problems is that the user can’t maintain their own medical records. They often know little about the specialist to whom they may have been referred, while the specialist knows little or nothing about the patients.

With Medintu we aim to change that.

A Joined-Up Solution for Health and Wellbeing

Medintu enables your staff to access all aspects of healthcare, from health information to GP and
mental health specialist appointments, online consultations, private medical tests, wellbeing
profiles and counsellors, events and webinars.

Our digital app gives your people a complete overview of their health, right from a smartphone or

A Joined-Up Solution for Health and Wellbeing

Meet Our Leadership Team

Venkata Ramana Reddy Sanikommu

Reddy Sanikommu
CEO & co-founder

Medintu is the brainchild of Reddy who experienced huge inefficiencies and inconsistency in healthcare provision. He has spent his career working in management, technology and business change working for top 5 consultancies such as Accenture.

Daniel Simons

Daniel Simons
CTO & co-founder

Daniel is an expert techologist and entrepreneur with a track record in insurance. He has a passion for using digital technology to drive positive change in society.

Eddie Powell

Eddie Powell

Eddie has a proven track record in building long-lasting businesses from scratch with his business ventures listed on the London IAM stock exchange. He combines impeccable integrity with a remarkable business brain to help steer the strategic direction of Medintu UK

M.Srinivas Reddy

Srinivas Reddy
Managing Director

Our digital solutions and operations are carefully deployed through Srinivas who has a passion for both healthcare and technology. His aim is to help empower researchers, physicians and healthcare providers to improve patient care by enabing access to critical patient information anytime, anywhere so that they can make better decisions for patients.

Let’s work together

Putting you and your employees in control of the process is the best way to achieve long term
health & wellbeing.

We like to start with a scoping meeting to discuss your needs, and how we can best tailor our
service to achieve health across your company and aligned to business objectives. Once enrolled,
you’ll be given a dedicated programme manager, who will help you achieve your health and
busness outcomes.