Help your staff take charge of their health,
reduce absenteeism and boost

With Medintu your people can track their health and take action before a medical condition occurs by connecting with health specialists, GP’s and health coaches, straight from a smartphone. We mainly focus on your employee wellbeing and help you to boost productivity.

Improving business performance
and employee health.

 Increased staff engagement, motivation and productivity
 Proven to prevent long-term illness by focussing on early        intervention
 Company wide health reporting to improve impact of HR       interventions
  Reduced time out of the office with online consultations and on      premises assessments

By tracking key health indicators such as stress, energy and engagement levels you can create HR interventions based on data, not guesswork.

Health score

124,000 Users Worldwide.
Our Results Speak For Themselves.

Putting health at the heart of company policy creates a host of positive outcomes: reduced stress, fewer sick days, improved mental health, lower staff turnover and higher productivity.

With our Medintu digital app, we can demonstrate the impact of our health solutions. Here are some of our key results based on 124,000 users over three years.

UP To 25%
UP to 40%
Upto 25%
76 lives saved

Discover a world of health benefits for your staff

Medintu provides a holistic health approach including mind, body, medical and money
matters to build long-term health in your team.

Corporate health data


Increased Engagement

Support your employees' health to build connection and engagement


Personalised Health Tracking

Interventions are taylored to each users' personal health needs


Preventative Healthcare

Proven to prevent long-term illness by focussing on early intervention


Personalised Health Assessments

Comprehensive health screening from specialist GP's


Taylored Health Content

Articles, video, webinars based on a users' wellbeing profile and journey


Wellness and Health Campaigns

Quarterly health campaigns based on company wide user needs


Virtual Consultations

Book appointments with GP's and specialists right from the app


Health Coaching

Access a 1-1 virtual health coach for one or multiple sessions

Mental Health

Mental Health

Qualified mental health specialists and support programmes

Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition

Access a host of nutrional advice and specialist consulations

Fitness & Exercise

Fitness & Exercise

Fitness programmes, personal trainers and fitness advice

Sleep & Mindfulness

Sleep & Mindfulness

Content and specialist consultants to improve sleep outcomes

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Support, tools and advisors to improve financial wellbeing

Wellbeing In The Workplace Is An Urgent Issue

The pressure of our fast, activity-packed, always-on, 24/7 culture combined with people having
even less time to focus on their health is creating a wellbeing crisis in our workplaces. Evidence
suggests we are getting sicker not healthier.

55% of uk organisations
15.5M WORK days lost
77 billion year lost
1.4M cases of work related

Our Wellbeing Programme helps you focus on wellbeing as a critical driver of engagement and productivity and our digital app helps you to track the impact of our programmes.

Supporting evidence-based HR approach

The health of your employees is about more than just doing the right thing. It makes good business sense. But, you need to be able to demonstrate impact on your business and data is essential for this.

Your Medintu Digital Dashboard gives you an instant, birds-eye view of health and wellbeing across the business so you can track the impact Medintu his having on reducing illness and costs across your business.

Are you ready to help your people
achieve long-term wellness?