What Is Medintu?

Medintu is health care and wellbeing digital platform which enable individuals to connect with specialists. Our digital platform enable users to track their wellbeing and healthcare journey and allow you to make informed decisions. Our wellbeing program help you motivate, engage and aspire on your wellbeing journey, intern help you have healthy and happy life for long.

We aim to provide quality specialist health care accessible for all.

Personalised guidance and care

By producing a unique blend of technology and preventive healthcare, we intend to build solutions that are designed to meet your wellbeing and fitness goals.

Comprehensive Well-Being Program

Our wellness program is designed to nurture wellness in users, regardless of their lifestyle, which would deliver Physiological and Psychological fitness.

Access specialists anytime, anywhere.

Our Digital platform enables access to specialists in a simple and engaging way. Our integrated mobile helping our users to make informed decisions.

Present Market Conditions

As an employer, your biggest assets are your employees and healthy employees contribute to healthy results. Work place wellbeing program is regarded high in employee engagement and benefits. Wellbeing program will help employees actively participate in physical activities, healthy diet and emotional support.

Statistics show that there has been a significant rise in the short term absence in the corporate environments over the last two years- of 23% in 2016, 36% in 2017 to 59% in 2018.. Long-term absenteeism has been no good either as the rates have been ever raging from 43% in 2017 to about 70% in 2018. Reports suggest that there has also been a significant rise in leaveism, presenteeism, and an extension in work hours of employees.

Major Causes Of Absence Due To Mental Illness




relationship at work


management style


organisational change


non work related

How Medintu Can Help

Medintu is Health care Digital platform which enable users to be able to consult with specialist services – fitness, diet, stress management to Financial advise.

All our specialists are certified and active registered members of respective accredited organisations. Our labs are UKAS certified and maintains highest standard in producing results.

The Corporate
Wellbeing Program

Medintu understand one standard solution doesn’t fit for all organisations. We work with employer to understand objectives of wellbeing program and put a solution in place to realise those objectives.

It is important that these organisational objectives needs higher management support to have them as policies and drive them as standards across all units.

Medintu will work at all levels in your organisation help support to drive intended results.

Medical Tests to determine existing conditions.

Lifestyle questionnaires

Specialist consultation

Progress tracking.

Continuous guidance

Corporate program
Private Medical Tests

Private Medical Tests

We provide Private medical tests – could be a specific or could be package of tests that you would like to have.

Sample collection is possible in 3 ways: Medintu platform is intelligent enough to guide you with best possible option depending on the test sample needed.

Self collection kits

it is possible only for single tests that needs sample quantity needed is very small.

Walk into partner Clinics

if you are not comfortable with self collection or tests you have selected needs bigger sample, this option is possible.

Home sample collection

if you are unable to make it to our partner clinics for any reason, we can send you a nurse to come and collect sample at your convenience of home or office.

Benefits Of Medintu Wellbeing Program

Medintu is a proven and validated system with features to conduct scalable operations efficiently.

Our personalised program will help bring improvements in






Turn Over

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